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The Good, The Bad, and The Snowy

During these past couple of weeks, we have had a few glorious snow days where nothing was required of us, except to relax. While I procrastinated on work that could have been completed during this time – as I am … Continue reading

It’s snow problem

Soft, white flakes fell over the crimson bricks that crisscross campus. The sky, a soft, glowing purple firmament, washed over us as we stood, our mouths agape to catch snowflakes. This may sound like a scene from your childhood, but … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Names are important. Couples expecting a baby usually agonize over names. They develop lists of choices and preferences to find that one special label that will perfectly encapsulate a tiny human who hasn’t a care at that point. Will this name … Continue reading

Run Like a Girl

The Super Bowl is an excellent event that brings Americans together. Whether you enjoy football, just watch for the commercials and halftime or are strictly in it for the food, it seems to be an event shared among the masses … Continue reading

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